Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Perfect Makeover

Hi all!  Now as I moved out some changed happened at my parents house.  My sister moved into my room!  But before this could happen, my parents were going to do some updating!  GREAT IDEA!  Even though I wasn't living there to enjoy it, but better yet, I get to design it!
So imagine this...a 11x17 room with dated blue carpet and periwinkle walls.  Of course I never took before pictures!  Ok so this was the style back when i re-did the room and moved into it around the age of 13.  There are 4 of us siblings, 3 girls and 1 boy, my poor brother and yes he is the youngest!  All of us girls have lived in this room.  I started off in this room with my sister, then when my oldest sister went away to college, I moved into her room, then I got the genius idea to move back into my old room, my poor parents.  I am a very sporadic person, as you can tell, and they had to deal with my millions of ideas....they are saints!  Anyway, I am moved out and Meaggie is moving in.  So not only is this room getting new painted walls, they are going for the whole sha-bang, new wood flooring, crown molding etc.  O yea, go big or go home my friends!  So Dad is doing a fantastic job!  I spit out ideas to him and the next thing I know, its done!!  Don't we love Dads!

Along with my crazy ideas, comes crazy Home Depot shopping trips.  Well as I said crown molding, just imagine my Mom, my sister and myself, in Home Depot picking up these 12' lengths of molding and trying to fit them in the mini van.  O yea, it was a show, but WE DID IT!!!
This is Meaghan.  She has such a fun sense of style that this job was easy!  She told me ideas of what she was thinking and I put the pieces of the puzzle together.  We did most, if not all of the shopping online.  After major damage to the credit card, its almost all here!

So as you can see the walls are painted, the crown molding is up and the trim is painted.  Lots of work for Dad but it looks FANTASTIC!!!  I will keep you updated, as the wood floors are being put down as we speak!!!  Happy designing!

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